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Leanne Marie Glamour Studio

are traveling makeup artist and hairstylist in Colorado.
We are specializing in professional bridal and everyday beauty services

in-studio and on-location.

We guarantee to provide you with the highest level of service!

Makeup is an art!

The best makeup is the makeup that is custom done for you, because every woman is unique.

This is an art form that defines you, creates your image and elevates your mood. Exactly this

makeup can turn a regular woman into a queen!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine.

Makeup has been my passion ever since I can remember myself.
I love art in general and applying makeup has been a great way for me to utilize my creativity.

Every single customer is my one and unique creation. Color theory is very important when it

comes to makeup, as well as knowing how to play with the balance of light and shadow,

highlights, contours etc. Every face is a new “canvas” for me.
My goal is to make you feel BEAUTIFUL whether it’s everyday/beauty makeup, bridal/wedding,

prom, photo shoot or special event makeup that you’re looking for. I’m here to make you look

and feel your absolute best!!!

Thank you

​Amazing event - amazing guests!
Ladies, your hairstyle is an important factor!

When attending an event, the right hairstyle can complement the image and make it as

best as possible on this memorable day. This is especially important for your wedding.
Hairstyles have always been my hobby from childhood and now I am a licensed hairstylist and constantly

improve my knowledge and skills. I took classes from leading stylists in Europe and continue to do so.
For the best results, I will consider natural Hair texture, hair density, hair elasticity, current hair length and of course

personality. my goal is to make an image of a woman that everyone will always remember.

Thank you


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